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Traditional Christian Values

Christendom unabashedly promotes traditional, Christian Identity and Christian civilization. Our content explores the one true faith: Christianity, and counteracts liberal degeneracy and anti-National, anti-White, anti-Christian propaganda.

For the past 100+ years, Western society has been heavily brainwashed with Zionist disinformation and modernism. Media on both the left and right, as well as the music and entertainment industries are controlled by Zionists with a global agenda. Oxymoronic, “Judeo-Christian” nonsense, Zionism, Vatican II modernism and resulting scandals, has resulted in great confusion and chaos among Christians. In spite of, or because of, vast hierarchies attempting universal ecumenism: Vatican II, World Evangelical Alliance, World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches–Christians, and our Western nations, appear to have lost The Way. All churches and seminaries tend toward Zionist-Communist pits of apostasy. Christians have never been more misled, manipulated, and confused. Countless Christians, repulsed by obvious chicanery have fallen away. Our own perfect religion, the one true faith, has been manipulated to use against us. We were purposely divided by the enemies of Christ, and have been seemingly conquered. Christians have become the doormats of once great Western nations founded on Christian values.

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The European and American people are purposely and thoroughly dis-informed. Public schools and universities have also become Marxist indoctrination camps. Our monumental task is to expose evil and share accurate Christian and secular history. To do this, we must look at sources outside the Zionist matrix of modernism, masonry and Marxism. Fake news and false history has no place here.

Truth Sets Us Free

Truth fears no investigation. Truth is not politically correct; and political correctness is not truth. Before we can make American great again we have to reclaim our freedom. Only truth can set us free. The content we share is not politically correct, not even close. It is historical, fact-based and truthful. Truth is hate only to those who hate the truth. Our “thought-crimes” are not meant to incite hatred or violence. Violence, threats of violence, and the destruction of property are accelerators, not answers.

To be effective learners and purveyors of truth, we must become unconcerned about offending the enemies of our nation, our people, and our religion.  Learn about the enemies of Christ, Christians, Christianity and Western Civilization. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against their schemes.

Restore Christendom