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Traditional Christian Values

Christendom unabashedly promotes traditional, Christian values. Our content and social media defends the one true faith: Christianity, and counteracts liberal degeneracy and anti-National, anti-White, anti-Christian propaganda. Western society is brainwashed 24/7 by Zionist mainstream media and the entertainment industries. Protestant heresy and Vatican II errors have resulted in religious chaos. WCC- and NCC-controlled churches, public schools and universities have become Marxist indoctrination camps. The European and American people are purposely and thoroughly disinformed. Our monumental task is to confront evil and teach true Christian and secular history, both of which exist outside the matrix of modernism, masonry and Marxism. Fake news and false history has no place here.

Prepare Yourself

The content we share is not politically correct, not even close. It is truthful. Our mission is to inform the public in order to reverse harmful trends. Our "thought-crimes" are not meant to incite hate. Truth is hate only to those who hate the truth. Violence, threats of violence, and the destruction of property is not the answer to the problem. Before we can Make American Great Again we have to be free. Americans will not be free until we face difficult facts. The truth will set us free. We need to be far less concerned about offending our enemies and start concentrating on defending our nation, our people, and our religion against the enemies of Christ.