We are Christian Patriots ready to reclaim US institutions and our cities starting with New York City and Washington, DC. Our agency defends Whites’ proud history and incomparably positive contributions to the world and societies. Pro-White media counteracts negative propaganda against Whites in our own homelands settled by our Puritan and pioneering ancestors. Our forefathers fought and died for our nation. We accept zero disrespect on their behalf. On the contrary — we are proud. We know WHO opened our borders and WHY. We’ll NEVER roll over for freemasons OR invaders, much less forfeit our natural rights to free speech and self-protection. We will not only fight, we will win!

Deus Vult!


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Our Story

We couldn’t help but notice the constant barrage of anti-White, anti-Christian sentiment being pumped out by mainstream media, the international press, national press, Hollywood, the pop- rap- and hip-hop music industry, university and public education faculties. Nor has it escaped our attention that miscegenation propaganda is a big part of the same push. Now add non-White mass immigration, much of which is hostile to Christian civilization. We think the least we can do is attempt to counteract the anti-White propaganda with positive content and relevant, accurate history that corrects the record and sets our people and our nations back on the right path.

Next Steps

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