“All who have a human face are equal.” Series: 5 of 6

Chaim Weizmann, the leader of the Jewish delegation
to the Palestine conference, leaving the Palestine conference
at St. James Palace in London. It was opened by former
Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

German worker, do you recall your French colleague striking on your behalf after the dictate of Versailles, or that the English worker Lloyd George came to your aid after the crazy and shameful treaty that chained, disgraced, and exploited you? Where was international solidarity in the Versailles dictate? That would have been a chance to demonstrate international solidarity, if it had really existed, or could have existed. You, German worker, believed the world apostle Woodrow Wilson, and you took his hypocritical 14 Points as a reliable creed for a new and better world. In your good nature and gullibility, you really believed in international solidarity and the brotherhood of the peoples. However, you soon learned the bitter lesson all the chatter about internationalism was lies and betrayal.

“The Germans will pay for everything,” the Frenchman said, and not only the French bourgeoisie but also the workers.
The German pays for everything, that was their international solidarity.
“Plunder the Germans, blockade the Huns,” the English workers said.
They were all united in their desire to destroy Germany. Only fate knows how many undernourished children and old people had to pay because of your good nature and gullibility regarding international solidarity. The fact that you were not destroyed as a result of your good nature is not thanks to the world apostles, and particularly the International Jew, but rather only because of the will to life and the life strength of the German people. We Germans will never forget the miserable Quaker-provided meals arranged by the hypocritical and sanctimonious bourgeoisie that attempted to conceal and hide the crimes of the Jewish International against the German people, and particularly against the German worker.
Or, German worker, do you still remember the slogan of the International Jew?
“All who have a human face are equal.”
I know that you are embarrassed today for having believed it. Your racial instinct has awakened, and do not want to go back to the old confusion. Nonetheless, I must say it to you again and again, and will not stop, reminding you of it:
It is not true that all who have a human face are equal.

“The strength.” “As a result the Jew had to deceive you about the strength of the international proletariat…”

The difference between a great man of our race, e.g. Schopenhauer or Richard Wagner and a Negro is greater than the difference between a Negro and a monkey. The Jew invented the slogan “All who have a human face are equal” to conceal himself. He had to cover up his crooked nose and flat feet over against the racial beauty of the Germans and Nordics. To raise his own value he had he had to invent a general ethnic mush of equality, so the Jew had to diminish and tear down your racial value, the only capital that you as a German worker possessed. You fool, you idiot, you did not recognize that you had expropriated yourself, that you had de-manned yourself with this slogan. German worker, what do you own? Your labor is your most beautiful and proudest possession, and that labor and the accomplishments resulting from it come from your racial value. If one reduces this value, one takes from you this racial value, one steals and robs from you. From your deepest instincts, therefore, you have the greatest interest in preventing your racial value from being diminished and reduced. Cry out to the world:
“I am a German, and as a German the Lord God gave me high racial value that enables the greatest accomplishments, and I demand, therefore, the place in the sun that belongs to me because of my accomplishments and my ability.”
You, German worker, were not the only one who believed this international slogan. As I already mentioned, the bourgeoisie also had an affection for international romanticism. If we are to fully value the achievements of our soldiers, if we want to fulfill the mission fate has given to us, we must deal ruthlessly and pitilessly with the contemptible German tendency to chase after international phantoms. I remember other such false slogans — that science is international, that there is international justice, that there is international art — indeed, this insane internationalism went so far that one wanted gradually to eliminate all cultural differences. All these international phrases and international constructions are untrue. Instead, science, justice, art, and culture are always bound to the race, to the nation. Justice is what serves my people, knowledge comes from the abilities of a race, and art and culture are produced by the creative gifts of highly valuable races. The cultural differences between peoples are absolute proof of the differences between races, for the fact that there are higher and lower races among the peoples.
The Jew lies, and Karl Marx’s phrase: All that have a human face is equal
was an enormous falsehood regardless of whether it applied to a proletarian or bourgeois face.

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