Altogether, Bolshevism

Altogether, I call it Bolshevism. By that, I mean and prove that Judaism and Bolshevism were and are everywhere and at all times the same. Moses, the founder of the Jewish rabbi state, was the first proponent of the doctrine we today call Bolshevism. From him to Stalin, there is a single red thread that runs through all of history, and is visible everywhere the Jew was at work destroying human culture, human beauty, and ethnic unity.

1. Bolshevism from Moses to Stalin has murdered, destroyed and ruined humanity and its culture.

The Jewish grain speculator Joseph reduced the Egyptian people to starvation and misery through his speculation. When they realized that, they saw the Jewish depravity and freed themselves from Jewish rule by putting the Jews in concentration camps and forcing them to work. The Jew swore revenge, incited the lowest elements, and according to the Old Testament killed thousands and thousands of Egyptian children in one night by killing the “first born.”

Exodus 12: 7-13 and 29-30, state that there was a bloody mark on all the buildings, and that the crazy masses, led by the Jews, killed all the “first born” of Egypt.

In the Book of Esther, we read that in one bloody night the Jews slaughtered and destroyed 75,000 Persians. Even today, the Jew celebrates Purim to commemorate his great triumph.

During the reign of the Emperor Trajan, we hear of terrible mass murders in Babylon, Cyrenia, Egypt, Cyprus, in all of the Near East and around the Aegean, where the chronicles report that many, many hundreds of thousands of people, men, women, and children, were butchered in the most gruesome ways. The children of Bethlehem may have been murdered during this period, a fate to which Christ nearly fell victim. Here, too, we hear of a disgusting Jewish deed of the worst, most base type. The whole Old Testament is a chronicle of Jewish robberies, mass murder, tortures, thievery, and misdeeds.

However, it is not only in the Near East or the Roman Empire that we hear of Jewish murder and Jewish bloodthirstiness. It happens wherever the Jew goes. St. Bartholomew’s Night and its horrors, and the French Revolution with its guillotine, were the work of Jewish bloodthirstiness. Today, we know that the death of 4,000 people in Lower Saxony was the result of advice given by a Jew to Charlemagne. The butchering of 1 1/2 million Northern Albigensians by Asiatic hordes is also the fault of the Jews, who even then had influence on the Roman curia.

The Crusades, with their enormous sacrifices in the blood of northern peoples, were the result of Jewish insanity. This reached its crazed height in the Children’s Crusade, which sent tens of thousands of German children against well-armed and well-trained Turkish soldiers.

Cromwell and the Puritans committed regicide and mass murder under the banner of the Lion of Judah, and took the Old Testament with them in their saddlebags so that they would always have the murderous commands of the tribal god Jehovah close at hand.

The Inquisition and the bestial witch hunts, in which streams of Nordic blood were shed, and which had the devilish goal of destroying the Nordic race, were the work of the Jew Lainetz, who became the superior general of the Jesuit order.

The Thirty Years War, born from the religious insanity of Jewish thinking, killed 13 million of the 17 million German people. Only four million escaped Jewish bloodthirstiness. The Thirty Years War was the prelude to the final destruction of European humanity. All the following conflicts, civil wars, and wars between peoples are the result of this Jewish mass murder, even aside from the fact that one finds the Jew everywhere in modern wars as a Freemason, an armaments manufacturer, or as international arsonist.

Our current age is the epitome of the Jewish desire for destruction. Never has Jewish Bolshevism presented itself to freely and openly to humanity as it does today. Now the Jew believes he can drop his hypocritical mask, thinking that the world is ready for Jewish world dominance — which is nothing other than Jewish destruction.

The Bolshevist revolutions in Russia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and everywhere else have destroyed and butchered more human beings than were killed in the many thousands of years before.

2. Bolshevism from Moses to Stalin is the rule of the criminal, the mob, and the underworld.

In the books of Moses, we read that a large “rabble*” accompanied the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt. The Old Testament itself reports that “much stolen property” went with them, and that the Egyptians were happy to be rid of them and their rabble*.

We hear of the same connection of the Jew with the rabble* and the trash of the peoples from antiquity, the Roman Empire, and the history of every nation up to the present day.

The word “proletarian” meant slave in ancient Rome, and we hear that the slaves met with the Jews in the secret darkness of the catacombs and caves to conspire against the Roman state. Jewish historical writing, or better historical falsification, presents the Roman emperors Nero and Caligula as beasts who slaughtered and persecuted Christians. Actually, they were anti-Semites who persecuted the Jews, not the Christians, because they saw them as a danger to the existence of the Roman Empire. Nero did not burn Rome down, as history records, but rather he let the Jewish ghetto burn down.

The Jewish affinity and attitude toward the rabble*, the criminal class, and the underworld explains why the Jew Karl Marx called the proletarian and Bolshevist movement to life. The goal was to subject national states and communities to the underworld.

In this world conflict, we see both to the east and west the connection of the Jews to gangsters, the criminal world, and exploitation through stock exchanges and banks in England and the USA. It is the mobilization of the steppes and the Mongolian hordes to the east. Once again, the Jew is leading the mob and the criminals against European culture and the achievements of humanity.

3. Bolshevism from Moses to Stalin means the destruction of peoples, civil war, and brotherly hatred.

Isaiah 19:2-3 reads: “I will stir up the Egyptian against Egyptian — brother will fight against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. The Egyptians will lose heart, and I will bring their plans to nothing.”

That is how it always was: wherever the Jew enjoyed the hospitality of other peoples, collapse began. He saw his purpose and goal in life as spreading strife, suspicion, envy, and hatred among people. In the Roman Empire, he set social groups and classes against each other. In the Thirty Years War, he set religious confessions and tribes against each other. The peoples of Europe fought each other. In the modern age, just as in the thousands of years before it, the Jew saw his goal as setting social groups and classes against each other, of inciting nations to class struggle and class hatred, thus destroying each other through civil war.

Whether in Egypt or Rome, the German tribes or today, it is always the same. “Divide and conquer, lie and agitate, to establish the conditions under which brothers will fight against and kill each other.”

That explains why all leading men and leaders have been sworn enemies of the Jews, and must always be such.

Christ, one of the great men of humanity, condemned Judah with the sharpest words. He cursed and damned their devilish goals. His whole life was an anti-Semitic struggle against imposter Judah and its methods. The Jew Paul, born Saul, also called Schaul, transformed the honest, noble and elevated goals of the founder of the Christian religion into its very opposite, making them serve Jewish purposes. That may not dim the light of this great man of human history.

After him, all the great luminaries of the spirit, of poetry and the arts, the emperors and kings, counts and popes always strove with all their might to free themselves of the Jewish vampire. The Roman Emperor Hadrian even tore down the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, along with its treasure house, taking their golden idols from the Jews. He believed that by driving them out of their land to the four corners of the world, he would break their power. But their evil drives brought the Jewish desire for destruction everywhere they went.

During the Middle Ages, the church took up the struggle against the Jews. Popes and cardinals brought cases of Jewish ritual murder to trial without mercy, and made saints of the victims of such bloody Jewish murder.

The great German Martin Luther saw through the Jew, unfortunately too late, and called for burning his synagogues and Jewish schools and covering them with earth “so that no one will ever again be able to see so much as a stone or a cinder of what remains.” Speaking of what we formerly tolerated out of ignorance, Luther went on to say:

“I did not know it myself, God forgive us, but now that we know, we may not protect these places any longer. In them, they defame Christ and us, insult us, curse us, spit on us, defile us. To ignore it would be to do these things to ourselves. We must also destroy their dwellings, since there they do the same things they do in their schools.”

And Luther further wrote:

“Some may think I say too much. I do not say too much, but rather too little, for I see what they write.”

Unfortunately, Luther came to this realization only in his old age, only after he had translated the Jewish testament, with its devilish doctrines of the Babylonian god Baal, into German, thereby causing the greatest possible spread of these satanic doctrines.

The same ideas are found in the writing and thinking of the great men of humanity: Schopenhauer and Goethe, Kant and Richard Wagner, up to our own day.

Source: Robert Ley, Pesthauch der Welt, Chapter 2 – The Eternal Jew (Dresden: Franz Müller Verlag, 1944).

* Christian-Israel scholars argue that “the rabble” hijacked Hebrewism and bastardized Yahweh’s word, in the name of Baal, though this certainly does not pertain to Joseph or Moses and the other prophets. It is Christian-Israel’s strong contention that “the rabble” are the Jews and their descendants — mongrels posing as Hebrews. Jews are actually infiltrators and subverters falsely claiming to be God’s chosen people: Hebrews, Israelites, and specifically the tribe of Judah. This would explain why Jews are so intent on the total and complete destruction of ethnic Europeans. More here: YOUR HERITAGE, (((NOT THEIRS))).

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