Cross Dissimulata

The Hooked Cross has a long history as a symbol for Christ. All too well, Hitler understood the historical persecution of Christians — by the Jews. Adolf’s mother was a devout Catholic. He was raised in the Church, loved the Church, and would learn the history of the Church.

“Since in my free time I received singing lessons in the cloister at Lambach, I had excellent opportunity to intoxicate myself with the solemn splendor of the brilliant church festivals. As was only natural the abbot seemed to me, as the village priest had once seemed to my father, the highest and most desirable ideal”(Mein Kampf, Vol 1: A Reckoning, Chapter 1, In the House of My Parents).

During the first three centuries,
the Hooked Cross was the only form of cross used by the Christians.

The Hooked Cross was a disguised form of the cross and was a unifying symbol among those who survived a common persecution.

In Rome it is called Crux Dissimulata because the early Christians concealed themselves.

The crucifix was not adopted by the church until the sixth century when Christianity had become the official Roman religion.

The symbols in the catacombs are all universally conceded to be the initial letters of the name of Christ, including the Swastika which occurs in the thousands.

“In the Christian catacombs, what is it’s message? We must picture it to ourselves as the rolling wheel of the universe…It is a realistic symbol for the movement of the soul, which leads to crises, catastrophes and changes, and ultimately through death and resurrection. Whoever is seized by this wheel is snatched out of this world and carried away into the other world. Death is one of the revelations of this cosmic wheel. That is why we often see the Hooked Cross on the tombstones next to the picture of the dead… But the cosmic wheel can reveal its power within the living also; then it is the wheel of vision. The wheel thrusts the center of the gravity of life from the side of physical existence to that of heavenly existence. The world of spirit opens up, vision awakens. In the catacombs the Swastika witnesses to the fact that the soul, led and trained by destiny and sacrament, opened its eyes to the light of revelation” – Heidenreich 1962

The hooked crosses are accompanied by Greek words meaning “Life of Life”. The Chi Rho is based on the two letters for the Greek word for Christ or for the Anointed.

It is blasphemous to attribute Evil to the Hooked Cross, the symbol which Adolf Hitler adopted to represent the National Socialist movement — which in retrospect was clearly a movement of Good VERSUS Evil. The Hakenkreuz could not have been more aptly chosen as it had historically been used by Christians persecuted by Jews. World War II was a war on Christians, Christians who dared to oppose a Jewish World Order. The Jews pitted Christian brother against Christian brother and thereby waged war on Christian civilization.

Evil prevailed in that battle. But the war is not over. The Jews never quit waging their war on Christians. It’s heating up now, because finally, finally Whites are waking up to that fact. White Christians are becoming aware that the only ones intent on genocide were and still are Jews and their “minority” lackeys. The Eisenhower Death Camps, the Morgenthau Plan, the Kaufman-Hooton Plans, the Kalergi Plan and now the Soros Plan are proof. Manufactured wars that bankrupt our nations and grind up our best and strongest men — our warriors — needlessly; engineered, coerced, mass migration of violent, unassimilable non-Whites into White, Christian nations; forced integration, and relentless pressure to mix races —  miscegenation propaganda pumped out ad infinitum from every source: school curriculum, “news”, documentaries, Hollywood films, producers, directors and actors, the music industry and its stars, and even commercials — and this usurious economy which makes raising multiple children in stable families very nearly impossible — is proof positive that White Genocide is the ultimate goal and always has been! Whites are down to 6.5% of the global population. This genocidal combination of strategies has lowered Whites’ birth rate as well as our confidence. Any resistance is treated as racism and White Supremacy!

Moses Parting the Red Sea – Hooked Cross on his robe

This is a war between Good and Evil. Hitler lost a great battle, but the war wages on. When Good people around the world see that Hitler was right, Hitler, literally, did nothing wrong — Germany and Japan were holocausted — not the Jewish nation — half of Europe was turned over to Red Russia — and no Western nation benefited from “winning” World War II. When these facts are realized, Christians will have no choice but to rise up, as a whole, against Evil, and finally, ultimately, Good will prevail. No matter how faithfully one follows religious doctrines — cowering and even covering for the enemies of Christ — will not earn Protestants OR Catholics a place in heaven.

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