Ethnic Europeans, Awakened

It is clear that it will take time for our part of the earth to grow together. A civil war that has lasted a thousand years cannot be overcome in a year. Nonetheless, the increase in cooperative work between the European peoples has greatly increased in recent years. The struggle against Bolshevism will drive us even closer together. Jewish Bolshevism is at the gates, and must be fought, whatever the cost. This common defensive battle teaches peoples to appreciate each other, and the Jew on the enemy side, with his Jewish stupidity and arrogance, does the rest of what has to be done. Here we can only say: We are happy that our enemies have their Jews. What all the eloquence on European cooperation has not achieved, the Jew in his blindness will quickly hammer into the European peoples:  the knowledge that we must stand together in our battle against Bolshevism and in our battle against the Anglo-barbarians, that we share a common struggle against imposter-Judah. Our allies and their brave soldiers, the European legions of the Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, Flemish, Walloons, the many millions of Europeans hard at work in Germany, all these are proof that Europe has awakened, and is beginning to find a European community in the midst of hard sacrifices and suffering, in the midst of incendiary and explosive bombs.

I remember a French legend, from a French play, that shows how Europe is building a community: Rostant, a Frenchman, brilliantly illumines the French mentality. His comedy is set in a chicken yard, where many beautiful hens have gathered around to admire one of the finest roosters. The rooster, of course, constantly says that the sun rises only because he crows and that the light of the world comes from his almighty crowing. One day, this proud rooster no longer crows, because he has gone the way of all flesh. He has grown old and weak and is no longer able to crow. But the sun still rises. The vain rooster cannot survive the blow. He dies from injured vanity and wounded pride. Thus far Rosant.

Charlemagne, Price Eugen, Frederick the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and Victor Hugo all wanted a united Europe and fought for it. As Napoleon Bonaparte sat in St. Helena, miserable and demoralized, he wrote the following prophetic words:

“I failed. I was not strong enough to unify Europe. But someone will come after me who will raise my banner once more, and finish my work, and then no one will speak of England any longer, but rather one will speak of a Napoleon.”

These prophetic words of Napoleon Bonaparte, England’s sworn enemy, are now being fulfilled. European unity is being forged now that the Jew has been driven from it. Under the leadership of its Führer Adolf Hitler, Germany will carry the banner of this ancient, yet ever young, part of the earth. At the end of this war, Germany will win and Europe will be united!

Source: Robert Ley, Pesthauch der Welt, Chapter 2 – The Eternal Jew (Dresden: Franz Müller Verlag, 1944).

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