He who Sups with the Jew Dies

What we have covered is enough to briefly show the essential characteristics of the Jew — his origins, his religion, his mentality, his methods and his world alliance. The Jew means death, and therefore the battle against the Jew is an unavoidable necessity for anyone who wants to live.

As far back in human history as we look, we can establish that all young, healthy, and strong peoples banned the Jews from their community, and kept away from them. The Egyptians drove the Jews through the Red Sea, the Persians persecuted them, Christ led a bitter struggle against them, the Greeks and the Romans firmly held to the purity of race, and kept the Jews from their territory as long as they were strong and powerful.

During the heights of the Medieval period, Jews were kept in ghettos, and the church was the most bitter opponent of the Jews. There is a proverb from those days that is more true today than ever:

He who sups with the Jew dies of it.” 

Whenever peoples have been alert, they were also conscious of their race, and did not tolerate the plague-carrying Jew among them. They always persecuted and exterminated (ausgerottet) them, or at least isolated them in a ghetto as evil carriers of disease.

The Jew and those dependent on him view such ages as “backward,” and call them “dark and sinister.” The Jew, and those in his pay, call them the dark, or even the darkest Middle Ages, and in the same breath term Jewish emancipation, and the resulting domination by the Jews, “modern.” The most advanced form of human life, to them, is where the Jews have absolute control, such as in Moscow and New York. It does not bother them at all that the era that they speak of as “dark” was in fact, for those peoples and humanity, actually a period of flowering, of high culture, and of great progress, whereas the century the Jew calls “modern” is characterized by the worst poverty, by terrible decay, and the greatest misery. As long as it goes well for the Jew, he does not worry about what happens to anyone else.

Let us not be deceived by the slogans that conceal the Jews. The Jewish problem is the same today as it always was, and in fighting imposter-Judah, we find ourselves in the best company in history. Today, as in the past and the future, the proverb is still true:

He who sups with the Jew dies of it!” 

He who tolerates the Jew, who takes on his customs, who works with him, who adapts his mentality, who eats, drinks, and lives with him, who even thinks the Jew is chosen and believes he can learn something from the Jew, who expects the salvation of the world to come from the Jews, he will inevitably be ruined by imposter-Judah. He will die from it, just as the Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans did after they grew old and could no longer defend themselves against the Jews. Imposter-Judah is like the vulture that attacks its victims as they are dying. It sucks their last drop of blood, leaving them to die in misery, then seeks a new victim. The danger is greatest when he settles down and makes himself at home. When Jew moves in, it is a sign of age, weakness, and disease. The Jew means death!

On the other hand, fighting against the Jews is a sign of youth, strength, self confidence, a will to life, and of a confidence in life. He who gets rid of the Jews becomes healthy, and enters an age of unimaginable flowering, greatness, and splendor. Over the centuries and millennia, that is the clearest and strongest teaching of history. “He who sups with the Jew dies of it,” and he who fights the Jew, destroys him, and radically frees himself from him, lives, and will never die. We Germans must think about that, and act accordingly!

Have we really done all we can to drive the Jew and his world, his spirit and his deviltry, from our midst? Many people think that it is enough to physically remove the Jew, and that if we do not see him any longer, and if we see the yellow star less often, the Jewish problem in Germany will be solved. What more could be done about the Jews? To do more would be to take the Jew too seriously, to fight against windmills. Our hatred of the Jews would make us ridiculous Don Quixotes. Enough is enough.

These Germans are mistaken, for their opinion only proves that they understand the Jewish problem either superficially, or not at all. Is it enough to destroy the louse, but leave brood alive? Is it enough to free ourselves of the pest, yet deal with others who are still infested with the pest? The brood that we leave alive is the Jewish world, the Jewish mentality, the Jewish spirit, that still surrounds us, that follows us everywhere. And we still find infested neighbors in Europe, above all among our enemies, and in particular with Bolshevism.

The Jewish mentality and the Jewish spirit are the worldview of fatalism, of ghosts and spirits, of terror, of anxiety and fear, of the money bag and capitalism, of the denial of life and surrender, of begging and pity, of those who lack will, of the cowards — in a word, the bourgeois-Marxist world in which we who are older grew up. That is why it is so hard to free ourselves from it. The Judaized* Paul wanted to take everything from us, God and our German soul. The nation, according to his doctrines, means nothing, the human stew that includes everyone from the lowest Hottentot to the best German, is everything. The Jewish imposter is chosen to bring us Germans salvation? The Pauline doctrine promises heaven to those who subject themselves to it, but hell to those who reject Judaized dogma. What have we to do with captured Moses and the Judaized prophets? At a time when the German people is fighting for its life with Jewry, who dares to speak to us of the captured, Judaized* “rabbis” named Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the rest of them? The Pauline doctrines call upon Jehovah, the terrible Jewish god, not Yahweh! The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and their kin plague our air, and daily remind us that we are a long way from overcoming the Jew. The physical Jew has been taken from our midst, but his hijacked* Mosaic and Pauline spirit still lives among us. Anyone who has any ties at all to it can never fight completely and radically against the Jews. His strength is weakened, he cannot use his full energies. Remember, German:

He who sups with the Jew dies of it.” 

Decide! Be clear about it!

The same is true of the capitalist world. Here, too, many Germans are dependent on the Jew and his thinking. They have contempt for the Jew, but dance around his “golden calf.” These reactionaries cannot free themselves from the capitalist bonds of gold, anonymous shares of stock, interest, the lust for money, the magic of banks and stock exchanges. A man and his labor are to them, even today, merely something to be purchased, and they cannot set aside their capitalism attitude of being in charge. They got fat under liberalism, and are stuck in reactionary attitudes. These old men still captive to Jewish thinking are not all that great a threat, for they will die out. However, we

must ensure that the young grow up under National Socialism, and are not corrupted by capitalism’s poison. Here, too, the proverb is true:

He who sups with the Jew dies of it.” 

He who accepts the Jew’s money and earns his money through those exploitative methods will be ruined. He who holds work in contempt, who sees his German racial comrade as those to be exploited, who sees labor as a product like herring and cotton, is an enemy of the people, a traitor, and deserves no pity.

The counterpart of this Jewish-capitalistic thinking is the twin of capitalism, the Jewish changeling and Jewish bastard, Bolshevism. Each resembles the other.

Source: Robert Ley, Pesthauch der Welt, Chapter 2 – The Eternal Jew (Dresden: Franz Müller Verlag, 1944).


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