International Ethnic Mush or United States of Europe? Series: 1 of 6

Dr. Robert Ley was head of the German Labor Front, and ran a rather large personal empire. This 1941 pamphlet had a print run of 2,000,000 and was widely distributed among German workers before the invasion of the Soviet Union.

If people are to live reasonably and correctly, they must first learn to think clearly and logically. If someone were to give me the task of explaining our current situation and National Socialist goals in the shortest way, I would answer:

National Socialism is the idea of clarity, of naturalness, and of logic. The National Socialist revolution was a change, a transformation, from unclear, confused, almost insane complexity to a simple but clear and true way of thinking and acting for the German people.

The individual must have an orderly mind so that he can clearly express the problems, tasks, people, things and issues in a way that a person can really understand them.

Clear thinking is National Socialism, logic is National Socialism, and everything that confuses and obscures thinking and action is our deadly enemy, particularly when in this confusion and obscurity a system of deviltry exists that one attempts to support and base on so-called science.

The Jew, therefore, is our deadly enemy, since he, the Jew, is the master of distortion, the master of the lie and of betrayal, and also the master of hypocrisy, concealment, and masking. If the German is the expression of the Nordic race who raises his shield of National Socialism, and therefore truth and logic, the Jew is and must be the antipole, for his worldview is superstition, lies, and mysticism.

The two worlds — the German and Jewish worlds — are each based on the racial nature of their bearers. The German has the highest percentage of Nordic blood, whereas the Jew is the clearest expression of the greatest possible mixture of the races. The Jew is so racially mixed that one can no longer even speak of a bastard, but rather over the millennia the Jew has moved from being a bastard to being a parasite. The parasitic character of Jewry is the reason for the confusion, the lack of clarity, the ultimately insane ways of thinking of the Jewish world.

The parasite is the strongest expression of biological chaos. Even molecules and atoms, the building blocks of blood, have been ruined by constant mixing and through the inevitable incest of these bastards, now having only fragments of their original form and their original nature.

Palestine formerly was the world market for three parts of the world, Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Northerners exchanged goods with Asians and the inhabitants of Africa, providing opportunity for the greatest racial mixing of all time. The mixed races were driven out of Palestine and into the desert by the pure-raced and brave Caucasian mountain peoples. There they were hermetically sealed off and the inevitable incest that resulted made a parasite of the mixed racial stock of Europe, Africa, and Asia: the Jew. The Jew is not a particular race, but rather the antipole to all races, just as the parasite is the antipole to members of the plant and animal kingdoms. From this chaos of the Jew the chaotic world of the Jew also developed, which is expressed in his economic, cultural, and political thinking.

Seized Grain Fields — Sign of the Jewish World!

If the Jew wanted to stand against the other races, in particular the Nordic race, he had to make confusion, the lie, and concealment the ideals of his life, for if the other races realized the nature of the Jew it would offend all of them, inspiring the same disgust that parasites arouse in healthy and normal creatures. The Jew must lie in order to conceal himself, the Jew must tear down the ideals of other people in order to conceal the difference between him and the pure races. The Jew must establish rottenness as the ideal in order to bring down the noble and great into the muck, because he himself can only be rotten. And if that does not work, he must arouse pity, raising it to a human ideal, to protect himself from destruction by those of pure race.

Above all, however, the Jew must condemn the nation as a group of people of like character and race because he himself as the result of his parasitic nature can never develop a sense of community. The Jew must condemn the state as a form of those of a common race because he himself can never build a state from chaos. The Jew must despise any form of order because the parasite is the natural expression of the greatest disorder. He must, therefore, despise, fight, and destroy anything that is holy to members of a racial community — holy because it brings good, because it is necessary for life — because that is what his nature as a parasite demands. As the parasite sucks the marrow of natural creatures, so the Jew sucks the marrow of the peoples because of his parasitic nature.

Two concepts area becoming ever clearer in the political struggle between the peoples and Jewry: the concepts of international and national.

International in itself, literally translated, means between nations.

The Jew has written this word on his banner because he hates everything national.

It is not enough for him to stand between the nations. A crazy dream —  proclaimed for eternity by insane Old Testament prophets who encouraged the Jewish people’s superstitions by prophecies that they were the chosen people of the earth by Jehovah, the Jewish God — drives crazy Jewish thinking to crazy ideas and the deepest superstitions. Consistent with Jewish distortion, therefore, there had to be a little shift in the meaning of “international.” “Between states” became “above states.” In Jewish jargon, “international” no longer means relations between states, but rather the Jew places organizations, concepts, professions, and classes above the peoples. All that the Jew founds, all that he controls and leads, serves the Jewish international. It is there and must be there to turn the prophecies of Jewish prophets into reality, to establish the world domination of Jewry over the peoples. From the universalism of the Jew “Saul,” called “Paul,” up to the Marxist internationalism of the Jew Karl Marx, it is all the same thinking: the destruction of the nations, the undermining of ethnic authority, and the establishment of international phantoms, international false doctrines, and international insanity.

Karl Marx and his Jewish followers wanted to establish proletarian internationalism. It is always the same eternal Jew, the same dream of Jewish world domination, and the same goal: chaos among the peoples of the earth.

The weapon is always the same: establishing an international currency, the claim that gold has international value. The Jew bases his world capitalism on this lie in order to make the labor of individuals and peoples useful to the Jews, to be able to exploit it according to their wish and ability. Six international Jews under the Jewish king Rothschild meet each day in London to set the gold standard, and therefore the value of the currencies of all countries, and thereby also the prices for the labor of peoples and individuals.

With the help of the lying deviltry that gold has some value, the Jew expropriates the work of all working people and makes people and their labor into slaves.

Gallery of Heads – 1 of 2

That is not enough for him. Despite this clever international capitalist system, peoples have always produced nationally-minded men, politicians, and statesmen who led their peoples in national and ethnic directions. Therefore, peoples must be robbed of leadership, which was the Jew’s ultimate goal. He had to bring down kings and kaisers, dukes and counts. Ministers had to eat out of his hand. Representatives and parliamentarians were always bought by him, the Jew. Above all, the Jew organized the masses of working people against their national leadership.

The Jew exploited the broad masses through the capitalist system. The masses were dissatisfied and had to resist capitalism’s exploitation. The Jew gathered this dissatisfaction in his political parties and organizations, directing the energies of the masses not against capitalism, but rather against national leadership, against the people’s national leaders. That was the second mass that Jewry built internationally. The first was international gold, the international currency, international capitalism, and the second was the international Marxist and proletarian parties.

Between the two was the large middle class, the bourgeoisie. The Jew also mobilized the bourgeoisie. First, it was atomized through a large number of groups both large and small that were all above ethnicity. Since the Jew knew the bourgeois affection for romanticism, he captured this bourgeois characteristic in his Freemasonry. He transformed romanticism into mysticism and superstition. Fear and terror, conceit and arrogance, vanity and envy were mobilized among the so-called “better” circles, which then were controlled through Jewry’s mystical, terroristic Freemasonry.

As the Jew destroyed peoples and nations with the help of his money, with the help of his Marxist ideology, with the help of Freemasonry, with the help of political universalism, states were ready to condemn the nationalist idea and bow down to Jewish world domination at the League of Nations in Geneva. The League of Nations, better termed ethnic mush, was to be Jewry’s final triumph. All national stirring, all ethnic and racial characteristics of state and law were to be condemned. What the Jew formerly had done covertly, using lies and hypocrisy, should now be proclaimed to the whole world as the proper worldview for the nations. The Jew wanted to savor his triumph of world domination. He had completely confused humanity and the peoples. He was the master, and from now on the thousand-year Jewish empire foretold by the prophets would dawn.

“National” is the idea of a community based on common nature and race. “Nation” is the sum of people who because of their race share the same feelings and thoughts, who have the same conception of labor, honor, industry, sacrifice, loyalty, and other virtues. who share the same ethical laws. The strongest expression of the national community is a common language. Language is the expression and, therefore, the distinguishing mark, of the good, the elevated, and the abilities of a race. The clearer a language is, the more it allows for expressing human thinking, the more valuable it is. We Germans can with pride and great thankfulness affirm that fate has given us the most beautiful and the clearest language in the world, the one with the largest vocabulary. The deepest philosophical thinking, the deepest wisdom of life, can only be expressed in German. Our German language has enormous variety. We sometimes have nearly a dozen words for a concept, each expressing a side of this concept. That is proof of the unparalleled logic of the German race.

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Source: Robert Ley, Internationaler Völkerbrei oder Vereinigte National-Staaten Europas?(Berlin: Verlag der Deutschen Arbeitsfront, 1941).

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