The Cross of Christ and the “Swastika”

It is a common misconception that Adolf Hitler adopted the Swastika as the emblematic symbol of National Socialism. But Hitler himself never used the word “Swastika” to refer to his symbol. He called it “Hooked Cross” (Haken Kreuz).

Hitler first saw the Hooked Cross symbol in a Christian monastery (Lambach Abbey) which he attended as a boy. He later adopted it as an emblem for his party. There is no evidence that he ever heard of the word “Swastika”; and that particular connotation is irrelevant. The Hooked Cross had been a sacred symbol of Christianity since its inception in ancient days. It was and still is common to find the Hooked Cross symbol in old churches and chapels.

The cross of Christ and the hooked cross do not need to oppose each other, and must not do so, but rather they can and should stand together. One should not dominate the other, but rather each should maintain its own meaning and significance.

The cross of Christ points toward heaven and admonishes us:

Remember that you are Christian people, carried by the eternal love of the heavenly father, free through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, sanctified by the power of God’s spirit.

The Haken Kreuz, however, points to the world as a divine creation and admonishes us:

Remember that you are Aryan, born in Aryan territory to parents of Aryan blood, filled with the Aryan spirit and essence, formed according to Aryan nature.

Moses Parting the Red Sea. Hooked Cross on his robe.

Both together, however, the cross of Christ and the swastika, admonish us:

Remember that you are Aryan Christian people and should become ever more whole Aryan Christian people, and remain so!

Source:  Christ Cross and Hooked Cross. Hanover, Easter 1934. Gerhard Hahn, President of the Provincial Church Council (Landeskirchentag)

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