The Führer Destroyed the Jew & his Internationalism, Domestically. Series: 3 of 6

Why bring together 50 or more states?

Nothing can come of that, as the chat room in Geneva called the League of Nations clearly has shown. Europe had been plunged into political chaos by the insane policies of the potentates of Versailles. The Führer put an end to that through the alliance between Germany and Italy. Everyone first had to understand that two powerful states were agreed that they wanted a new order in Europe.

The Führer found in Italy’s Duce a revolutionary of like good sense and reasonableness. Only the friendship of these two men, their clarity, and determination gave Europe security through the Axis. Now it was necessary to see which worldview had the greater power and strength.

The first session of a Jewish court in New York

The first Jewish court in the United States opened in New York on 9 May 1939. It follows the Talmud and the laws of Moses. The decisions of this Jewish court are legally binding if both parties agree in advance. Appeals to an American court are not allowed.

Jewish internationalism also had to be destroyed internationally.

Fanatic National Socialism and pacifistic internationalism are like fire and water and can never exist alongside each other. They are like fire and water, and sooner or later there must be a battle between these two worlds. This battle would show whether Jewish democracy and Jewish internationalism would win and were the stronger, or whether National Socialism and Fascism, tied to nature and obedient to nature’s laws, would be victorious. There was only an either/or. If the National Socialist and Fascist Axis were to triumph, the Jewish democratic-parliamentarian system would have to be destroyed.
England was the most evident prototype of this system since it was most under the control of the Jew and his money.
This battle has already been decided. Reason and natural laws have won, and Jewish schematism, Jewish internationalism, and Jewish superstition have been defeated. Jewry’s puppets on the European mainland no longer exist. England is on the ropes. The English people have to pay dearly for following Jewry. England made the worldview error of believing that nature could be defeated through artificial constructs and schematics. It will have to be punished with death. The power-political battle has been decided. The Jew and his power are broken. Germany and Italy have acted reasonably.

Gallery of Heads – 2

The Führer immediately gets to work building Europe

The Führer does not misuse his victory in senselessly demeaning his opponents and celebrating grotesque orgies as the Jew did in 1918, but rather the Führer used the great power that fate had given him as the result of military victory to bring order to Europe immediately. Now the National Socialist leader of Germany has the basis and opportunity to help reason prevail in our part of the world. The Three Power Pact was signed. Other powers have since joined and more will follow.
In the shortest time, Europe will be a picture of stability and reasonable order. There will be no victors and defeated as there were under Versailles, but rather there will be one victor, reason and the peoples of Europe, and one defeated, the Jew and his international insanity.
That is Adolf Hitler’s goal, that is his unique and holy mission, to bring order to this poor European people, tortured over the centuries and millennia, following the deep laws of development and progress. Only the Nordic can build states, and Europe has common Nordic roots. No matter how disparate the peoples of the part of the earth appear to be, no matter how much their community lives, their cultures, and economies may differ, they all have common roots in blood and, therefore, also culture. It is obvious that 85 million Germans have the qualifications that our splendid race offers, and that in cooperation with allied Italy can and must claim the leadership of Europe. An Adolf Hitler had to appear to bring Europe in order, and this Adolf Hitler had to be born to the German people so that he could take the German people in his hand and fulfill this mission. Because of the victory of our weapons and soldiers, we demand leadership, and we have it. We will happily bear the responsibility of bringing Europe order for all time.
German worker, in this brief pamphlet I have attempted to make clear the nonsense of the Jew and the absurdity of his worldview in contrast to National Socialism and the worldview of the Germans, a worldview of reason and logic, one that follows laws.
Once again fate preserved Germany from collapse. You stood with one foot over the abyss. The gentlemen of Versailles had given their verdict. The Frenchman Clemenceau made this terrible statement:
“There are 20 million Germans too many,” and the Englishman Lloyd George thought the hunger blockade of 1940 would have still decisive effects on the German people. They were all slaves of the Jews, servants of Freemasonry and international Marxism. They had but one goal: to destroy Germany.”

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