The Pestilential Miasma of the World

Chapter 2.0 – The Eternal Jew

This war is a battle between worldviews, and the side that has the strongest faith will be victorious. Only he who is convinced of the justice of his cause, and who in fact has justice on his side, who acts reasonably and correctly, who recognizes and follows the laws of nature, can have the strongest faith.

All natural life is eternal battle, and battle is the father of all things. Battle, however, is possible only between two opposing poles and powers. Mankind has named these battling worlds “good” and “evil,” “God” and “Satan,” “noble” and “crude,” “construction and destruction,” “life” or “death.” These are all ways of saying that nature is a constant process of coming and going, a constant transformation of forces and materials. Science has a chemical and physical law that says: Nothing perishes; everything is constantly changing. Whatever we call it, whether we use the words of science or say it in a more primitive way, the eternal, inescapable law is that life means battle, that battle comes from competing energies, and that something new comes from their meeting.

This knowledge is one of the fundamental principles of National Socialism, a principle on which it acts. We maintain that human society, government, economics, and culture come from the harmony of common blood and a common race, and that the antipole of humanity is the Jew, who embodies the competing race. National Socialist thinking is therefore anti-Semitic, since it fights the Jew not from religious reasons, but rather only from its racial knowledge, from the depths of its worldview, for it knows that the peoples cannot live as racial communities if they do not defend themselves against the Jew. The Jew is the enemy not only in his personal form, but rather even more in the Jewish mentality and in the Jewish approach to the world. The National Socialist worldview should better be called the National Socialist understanding of the world! It is not a philosophical construction to help the individual understand the world, to give him a place to stand, but rather it is the knowledge, it is the facts, of how the world really is, independent of the standpoint of an observer. What we see as race and blood, and what we battle as the great enemy of this blood, is based not merely on our opinion, but rather on scientifically proven knowledge.

Everything in nature obeys ancient and unchangeable laws. Nothing happens apart from these natural laws. The laws strive toward harmony and construction. Every natural creature must obey some of these countless laws. It has a mission, thereby obeying its drives, its instincts, and its understanding, if nature has given it that. The opposite of harmony is chaos and disharmony. If racial community displays harmony in blood and nature, the Jew is the chaotic, disharmonic factor in such human harmony. National Socialism wants to release energy by promoting communities of race and blood so that humanity can develop its abilities and virtues to the highest level. National Socialism thus strives for the highest level of culture. It respects beauty and joy, health and human satisfaction, strength, development, and progress. Each of these is insufficient by itself without the will to defend this ideal from the danger of chaos and destruction. Thus, the first question we must ask to fulfill our National Socialist ideal is this: Who is the Jew? He who does not understand the Jewish Question, who does not study and fully understand it, will not understand the world, its development, and its battles.

Who is the Jew? The Jew is also a product of his drives, and obeys his natural law. The Führer calls this “Lucifer’s tragedy”! That is so! We call destructive elements in nature parasites. They are creatures who can no longer survive on their own, due to the atrophy of their vital organs, such as their lungs, digestive system, reproductive organs, or that cannot move. They are no longer able to secure their own food and digest it, and are therefore dependent on other living plants or animals. They devour their hosts. They fall like locusts on them, suck their life away, destroy them. Their tragedy is that, in doing so, they destroy themselves in the end. Nature always helps. When parasites gain the upper hand, they devour each other.

The Jew is such a parasite!

The Jew developed like any other parasite. Parasites develop through unnatural inbreeding and by the inheritance of the worst traits. Parasites develop under some sort of natural pressure, through unnatural, perverse inheritance, through forced atrophy — in other words, as the result of disease, bad environment, and inheritance. The Jew is such a creature, given his origins, development, and biological nature.

The Jew was earlier concentrated in the Middle East. Since there were still no railroads, steamships, or airplanes, it was the natural center of world commerce, situated between Europe, Asia, and Africa. It was the place where the white man from the cites of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea went to trade with Negroes from Africa and the inhabitants of Asia. Inevitably, a racial swamp developed, formed from the three major and entirely different parts of humanity.

The laws of genetics teach us that nature does not want those of mixed race, tolerating them only if some parts atrophy or become strained. The racial swamp that Palestine became had a central position in world finance and commerce. It was the place where Asia, Africa, and Europe met. As a result, the worst type of mixed race developed. Over the course of millennia, Caucasian mountain tribes drove the racial trash into the desert, as Jewish history records, and there sealed them off hermetically. Through biological processes, the mixed race from three continents developed, through incest, into parasites of the first order. There is no doubt that, according to botanic and zoological laws, the Jew is a true and genuine parasite.

The racially healthy person has one blood in his veins, while he of mixed race has several blood types. Over the millennia, the Jew’s blood became distorted and ruined. What does that mean? Science teaches that the properties of various materials, such as glass, wood, iron, etc., differ only in that they are made of different molecules, or different building blocks. Both the outward form and the inner structure can be different. A molecule is made of many atoms, the smallest possible entity. These atoms spin around a molecular core. The molecules differ according to the number of atoms, and through the nature of the spin and the speed of the constituent atoms. To understand genetics, we must understand two principles:

1. A bastard with two different types of blood does not have a new type of blood, rather both different blood types remain within the bastard. They move together in his veins, which explains the bastard’s limitations.

2. Mendel’s laws state that bastards move back to their original nature or race. According to Mendel’s laws, bastards of the same type change from a ratio of 1:1 to 2. that is: The offspring of two similar bastards comes 1/4 from the one, 1/4 from the other, but 2/4 is bastard.

By the third or fourth generation at the latest, the offspring have returned to their racial origins. This law, however, applies only to related entities. The offspring of widely different races, such as black-white, red-white, red-black, etc., do not return to their original racial makeup, rather become Mestizoes or Mulattos that are either infertile or, due to isolation and incest, develop into parasitic creatures. In parasites, the constituent elements, the molecules and building blocks, are torn apart and destroyed, and only fragments of what was originally there remain. This explains why the parasite is driven to the host from which he descended, and why he must suck the life from it. Thus, the Jew, who has become a human parasite, must return to the peoples from whom he descended, and this produce of the racial swamp of the Middle East must live off of them.

It is clear that the amount of destruction in a Jew varies. There are Jews with less damaged blood, and others whose blood is entirely fragmented. Thus there are some Jews who only value profit, and live from exploiting their host peoples. Other Jews are in a more degenerate biological state, and seek to mate with the women and men of their host people. Finally there is a third sort of Jew that is entirely decayed; it values ritual murder, which means that its drives lead it to drink the blood of its host peoples.

The biologic laws that govern the Jewish parasite make it the counter-race of humanity, its antipole and his drives form the common bond of criminality and sickness that connects all Jews of the world together more firmly than is possible through mere human laws, words, or rules. Thus: All Jews work together, and all Jews are depraved and criminal.

When talking with Dietrich Eckart, the Führer once said: “What you once wrote is probably true. One can only understand the Jew when one knows what his final goal is: To control the world in order to destroy the world. He believes he must dominate all of humanity to, as he claims, establish paradise on earth. Only he can do that, he imagines. But even in the means he chooses, one can see that it will lead him to a different end. Although claiming to lead humanity to the heights, he torments it into a state of desperation, into insanity, into collapse. If he is not stopped, he destroys them. He is driven to that, although he dimly realizes it will mean his own destruction. He can do nothing else; he is forced into it. The chief cause of his hatred, I think, is his realization that he depends on the existence of his victim. He has to destroy someone, while realizing that that inevitably means his own destruction. You might call it: The tragedy of Lucifer.”

Source: Robert Ley, Pesthauch der Welt, Chapter 2 – The Eternal Jew (Dresden: Franz Müller Verlag, 1944).

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