The Plague of Freemasonry. Series: 2 of 6

Our nation is a race bound together in a common fate, a community united by blood and nature. Each member of our people must recognize the inexorable force that ties his existence to this community of faith and life. Either the individual lives with the nation or he perishes alone. This knowledge is eternal, true, and unchangeable.

Creation is the product of natural laws, where everything serves progress and development. From the first cell and energy, or from energy through the first cell to the highest form of life, everything is subject the eternal divine laws and order, and each step, each development, is dependent on the principle of leadership and being led. Nature knows no plan and does not do everything in the same way, but rather is characterized by a multiplicity of forms and life, yet everything is rationally ordered and fits together like one gear into another. He who ignores this variety, this multiplicity, will not understand nature, will violate the laws of creation and nature, and will fail. That was the mistake of the International Jew, who believed that:

He could eliminate this natural order and replace the natural laws of space, energy, race, inheritance, and nation with the artificial construction of a liberal economic order, democracy, and parliaments. The International Jew did not see the peoples as living individuals, but rather as dead figures that could be moved here and there just like numbers on a page. Therefore, the international system of the Jew — “supranational” in Jewish jargon — which was to be set in motion by a clever plan in Geneva had to fail unless creation and the world order were to lose all meaning. We National Socialists base our worldview on the natural laws of race, inheritance, the biological laws of life, the law of space and soil, energy and achievement. In a word, we bow humbly and respectfully before the eternal and unchangeable divine order of nature. We follow reason, and we order our thinking and actions accordingly.

The Führer destroyed the Jew and his internationalism, domestically

The Führer’s methods of bringing Germany and the German worker out of poverty and misery, impotence and collapse, were entirely different than those of the former Jewish-parliamentarian system. Formerly Germany gave up its dignity, it disarmed to the last trouser button, it plundered the state and law in service of international capitalism. It believed in the miracle of international justice and the conscience of the world. The rulers of democratic Germany begged for grace and hoped for the pity of the world. They prayed in complete submission to the Jewish idol Mammon and in the Jewish temple in Geneva. Post-war Germany gave itself and its people, economy, culture, and politics entirely to the Jew. In slavish submission, it fulfilled each demand of international Jewish Freemasonry or Jewish-international Marxism or Jewish-international universalism. Who does not recall Sacco and Vanzetti? Somewhere in America a few Jewish criminals were hanged because things had really gone far enough, because their crimes and depravity screamed to high heaven, and here in Germany millions of German workers demonstrated for the release of these Jewish-international criminals. One was even ready to carry this nonsense to the extreme, preferring to uproot the German state and the German governmental system to pay homage to international parasites. In Germany, so many of the best German people were incited and whipped up by the Jew that they were ready at any time to betray and sell out the fatherland and their people for international Jewish ideology. As already said, the Führer ruthlessly put an end to it all. The parties, unions, industry associations were eliminated under threat of the death penalty. Parliaments were dissolved, Freemasonry was completely eliminated, universalism of the Pauline variety was condemned to impotence. National Socialism pitilessly exterminated internationalism within Germany. We clobbered the Jew wherever we met him, and thank God the greatest part of German Jewry emigrated or is waiting eagerly for the hour when it can emigrate. The Jew has influence over neither politics, nor culture, nor the economy, nor in caring for people. His party institutions, associations, and his capitalist instruments have been forever destroyed and broken up. Jewish-international poison in Germany has burned out, it has been exterminated root and branch. That is the only way the Führer could build the German people’s community. Each and every bacterium within the German people was destroyed, whether in its classes, occupations and professions, religious confessions, tribes or families. Germany and its people are free of international Jewish poison. That is the immense, hardly imaginable result of National Socialism, hardly 8 years after Adolf Hitler, our Führer, took power.<

Germany’s foreign policy has been an instrument of reason, good sense, and clarity

The National Socialist leader of the new Germany organized no conferences, nor did he attend such conferences, such as the League of Nations or some other roundtable, to tell the world:

For National Socialist Germany and its policies, the time of phrases, discussions, and speeches is forever past. The Führer sees it a waste of time to sit for hours in diplomatic circles holding elevated conversations and discussions. We National Socialists have no time for that. Each is responsible for his tasks, which he must carry out with determination, industry, commitment, courage, and devotion. The same is true of relations between peoples and states. There is no point in bringing 30, 40, or more peoples of the most varied opinions and interests together to solve some problem or another. No problem interests everyone. Each problem interests only two people, at most three or four, and only one person can solve a problem.

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Source: Robert Ley, Internationaler Völkerbrei oder Vereinigte National-Staaten Europas? (Berlin: Verlag der Deutschen Arbeitsfront, 1941).

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