Universalism: International Phantoms. Series: 6 of 6

How many international phantoms did you, German, chase after? We have had the second, the third, the fourth, and the four-and-a-half Internationals. What happened to the first one? We have never thought about why the Jew never spoke of the First International. The second was in Amsterdam and the third and fourth somewhere else.
We do not want to forget the First International. The First International was founded by the Jew Saul, baptized Paul, and was that Jewish universalism that fought over centuries and millennia against the national German people. Everything German was the deadly enemy of this internationalism. The great German emperors held high the banner of the Holy German Reich over the centuries, and defended this German Reich against the First International, Pauline universalism.

The Second International was that of bourgeois social democracy.

I once had the opportunity to see the representatives of this International at a meeting of the International Labor Office in Geneva. The International Labor Office was recognized by governments and class institutions. The employers and employees of many countries were members. The attempt was made for the first time to bring the two classes, employers throughout the world and employees throughout the world, together. I had the opportunity to see the powerful union leader Mr. Joubaur of France, and the very energetic Belgian union leader Mertens, and the worker representative from England, Mr. Handan, in action. All the finest dreams of a worker’s mind were agreed upon: the 40-hour week, proposals for housing construction, social insurance, and much, much more. But everything remained on paper, nothing happened. This whole international institution, the International Labor Office in Geneva, was nothing but a way for the capitalists of the world to regulate their world capitalist goals. With the help of international slogans and international agreements, countries like Germany and Italy should limit their production, thereby reducing economic competition. I remember in this connection some of the demands of the United States of America in the Versailles peace treaty. In that Versailles peace treaty, the USA demanded of the defeated, particularly Germany, that it participate in an international labor conference in New York in 1920 and accept its decisions. One decision was that a 48-hour work week should be introduced throughout the world, not to help the worker, but rather because American industry had reached such a level of war production that it could not use a longer work week. The world market could not absorb the production given economic decline.

In 1933 I was leader of the German delegation to the International Labor Office in Geneva.

The goal of this international decision was to keep defeated and impoverished countries, Germany in particular, from dumping their increased production on the world market. The talk of a 48-hour week was a capitalist way to keep Germany from rising. The International Labor Office in Geneva was to make this devilish policy permanent. England and France as the victor states wanted to have permanent control of Germany’s share of world production. That was international solidarity!

Every International, whether the First, Second, Third, or Fourth International, served some sort of egotistical goal. First, they were to hinder the real unity of the world proletariat, and second to realize the various goals of Jewry. And it is no accident that not one of these so-called Internationals was headquartered in Germany, although the German proletariat was the most unified, most numerous, and most ideologically faithful. When Germany withdrew from the Second International in 1933 after our takeover, the Amsterdam institution collapsed.

German worker, now you understand how right National Socialism was in its fanatic battle against this international attitude and its depravity. We had to free you, German worker, from international poison. There is no international solidarity, no international working class, but rather only International Jewry. There is a German people’s community determined by race and blood, and therefore independent of human constructs, errors, and accidents. The Lord God and fate brought us together and have given us an unchangeable and hard fate. We belong together, whether we like it or not, and if we fight against it we will be destroyed. If we accept these unchangeable facts, we will do well.

It is not us, but Heaven itself that proclaims the slogan:

“Blood against gold, race against parasites,
National Socialism against internationalism,
labor against exploitation.”
Adolf Hitler: “With German labor I can defeat any power in the world.”

Therefore, German worker, understand that fate as given you the greatest victory of your history, of all time, and calls you, German, through the heroism of your soldiers and the brilliance of the Führer, to lead Europe.

If you are to lead Europe and fulfill your mission, you cannot be a proletarian, you cannot allow yourself to be ruled by international phantoms and weak nonsense about solidarity, but you must be a master. You can only be a leader if you want to lead, and you can only lead if you have been educated in leadership and mastery.

Thank God, this international ghost is done with, and all that we prayed for yesterday and seemed a bad nightmare, we now see as a terrible fantasy. A rescuer came to our people, a man from the depths of the broad masses. A citizen and solider like you and me, and he took on as one man against 85 million Germans a task that seemed almost impossible, to save Germany (which means you and me). He believed in us all. He was filled with boundless faith in us all, and only this faith in us Germans, in the German worker, citizen, and farmer, gave him the strength to defeat the monster of decline, to preserve you, the German worker, the German farmer, the German craftsman, and thereby the whole German people, from decline and ruin.

Today we are at the height of our power. Germany was never before as great, as great, as powerful, as mighty in its unity and strength. German soldiers are at the North Cape, in Drontheim, Bergen, Antwerp, Calais, Le Harve, Brest, Bordeaux, Biarritz, and along thousands of kilometers of the Atlantic coast, standing watch for Europe. They defend Europe against the Jewish monster. And these German soldiers defend not only Germany. All the peoples of Europe will one day be thankful that Adolf Hitler built the German Wehrmacht to free Europe from the Jewish international polyp.

German worker, I appeal to you, I appeal to you on behalf of our true socialism. The Führer rescued you from proletarianism, he freed you from poverty and misery and made of you and us all a clean, decent, industrious, and hard-working German. Our socialist slogan is:

From proletarians to masters.

Now do the rest, do your duty, get ready, join the ranks, march toward a new and better future for your own happiness and Germany’s glory!

Continued…Series:  International Ethnic Mush or United States of Europe?

Source: Robert Ley, Internationaler Völkerbrei oder Vereinigte National-Staaten Europas? (Berlin: Verlag der Deutschen Arbeitsfront, 1941).

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